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 Compass-3d 17.1.0 (x64) Rus

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MensajeTema: Compass-3d 17.1.0 (x64) Rus   Dom Ene 14, 2018 12:16 pm

COMPASS-3D 17.1.0 (x64) Rus

COMPASS-3D 17.1.0 (x64) Rus|3.69 GB
KOMPAS-3D is a three-dimensional design system that has become the standard for thousands of enterprises, thanks to a combination of ease of mastering and ease of operation with powerful functionality of solid-state and surface modeling. A key feature of the product is the use of the own mathematical core of C3D and parametric technologies developed by ASCON specialists.

KOMPAS-3D provides support for the most common formats of 3D models (STEP, ACIS, IGES, DWG, DXF), which allows you to organize effective data exchange with related organizations and customers using any CAD / CAM / CAE-system in operation.

The possibilities of KOMPAS-3D for machine building and instrument making:
The design of machine-building and instrument-making products imposes high demands on the instrument used. COMPASS-3D meets the latest requirements. The capabilities of the system ensure the design of machine-building products of any complexity and in accordance with the most advanced design techniques. The system has tools for working on the "top-down" method or the method of top-down design, as well as for the already familiar method of "bottom-up".
• Classical solid-state modeling
KOMPAS-3D allows you to work on various parts and nodes using solid modeling, which is perfect for designing different shafts, bushings, brackets and cases of a very different configuration. The basic commands here are extrusion and rotation operations.
• Creating sheet parts and shells
For mechanical engineering and instrument making, the characteristic task is to design and subsequently manufacture sheet metal products. In KOMPAS-3D there is a rich tool for designing such parts, allowing you to create the most complex designs from a sheet, and then automatically obtaining a sweep on the designed parts. When designing sheet parts and shells, it will be easy to create details using:
· Shells,
· Folds,
· Sweeps,
· Cutouts,
· Elements of open and closed stamping,
· Blinds and beads.
• Design with complex surfaces
When designing parts with complex geometry, the surface modeling functional will be useful. Similar problems are encountered both in the design of blades and in the design of instrument cases that are made of plastic. The use of surface modeling will provide details of a variety of shapes and thus ensure the requirements for these products - be it streamlining or ergonomics. There are many options for constructing complex surfaces:
· Extrusion,
· Rotation,
· Kinematic operation,
· By cross-
· By points,
· By the formation of points,
· Over a network of curves.
• Formation of the electronic model of products
Designing in KOMPAS-3D, you get an electronic model that can contain the data necessary for the manufacture and subsequent life stages of your product. The model created in KOMPAS-3D already now can contain:
· The properties and the name of the material,
· Dimensions subject to tolerance,
· technical requirements,
· Roughness,
· Form tolerances,
· Designation of bases,
· Marking of places of branding and marking.
Moreover, you can automatically obtain the documentation for such a product. The specification is formed according to the 3D model of the assembly unit, and the creation of the drawings will consist in the arrangement of the associative species on the drawing format from the 3D model.
• Easy to learn and use
The system has a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to quickly learn the functionality and get started. For the first steps to work in the system were easier, KOMPAS-3D contains interactive lessons for learning the basic tools that are collected in the ABC COMPASS-3D. This alphabet will help you, on ready-made examples, to understand the capabilities of KOMPAS-3D and start solving work tasks in the shortest possible time. "ABC COMPASS-3D" contains examples:
· Creating a solid and surface model,
· Creating parts and assembly units,
· Creating sheet parts,
· Team work on assemblies.

KOMPAS-3D for construction:
KOMPAS-3D as a universal system of three-dimensional modeling finds its application in solving various problems in architectural and construction and technological design. The system has a powerful functional for working on projects of diverse orientation and complexity: from the creation of three-dimensional associative models of individual elements and prefabricated structures from them to the design documentation in accordance with the standards of SPDS and ESKD. The system contains tools for working on the technology of intelligent construction design MinD.
• Classical modeling
The use of free modeling makes it possible to create individual projects that meet the tastes and needs of the customer and require the conceptual elaboration and modeling of complex installations of various forms and compositions. Basic tools allow you to work on non-standard elements, equipment, and work out the nodes of structures. The three-dimensional model gives the big advantages: visualization, check on collisions, automatic reception of facades and cuts.
• Design using MinD technology
MinD (Model in Drawing) technology uses an object-oriented approach in the design and drawing process. The design process proceeds in the drawing plane (2D, plan view), at the same time it is the beginning of the model formation. The working condition of the technology is the building elements taken from the applications (AC / AR, CM, QL, TX, OB, VC, ES / EM and others). As a result, a three-dimensional model, specifications and sheets are automatically generated. The received volumetric model will allow to visualize the design object, to execute necessary complex cuts, returning them to the drawing, and also to present the object model to the customer.
• Easy to learn and use
The system has a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to quickly learn the functionality and get started. For the first steps to work in the system were easier, KOMPAS-3D contains interactive lessons for learning the basic tools that are collected in the ABC COMPASS-3D. And to quickly master the work on technology MinD developed a practical guide.
System requirements:
· MS Windows 10 (64-bit)
· MS Windows 8.1 and higher (64-bit)
· MS Windows 7 SP1 and higher (64-bit)

The name: COMPASS-3D 17.1.0 (x64) Rus
Year of manufacture: 2017
Platform / OS : Windows®️ 7 SP1 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x64)
Language: English
Medicine: Included
Size: 3.69 GB
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Compass-3d 17.1.0 (x64) Rus

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