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 Maxon Cinema 4d Studio / Visualize / Broadcast / Prime R18.057 Build Rb203954 Retail (multi / Rus / Eng)

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MensajeTema: Maxon Cinema 4d Studio / Visualize / Broadcast / Prime R18.057 Build Rb203954 Retail (multi / Rus / Eng)   Lun Ene 15, 2018 12:41 am

Maxon CINEMA 4D Studio / Visualize / Broadcast / Prime R18.057 Build RB203954 Retail (MULTI / RUS / ENG)

Maxon CINEMA 4D Studio / Visualize / Broadcast / Prime R18.057 Build RB203954 Retail (MULTI / RUS / ENG)|7.82 GB
Cinema 4D is a professional 3D graphics editor, just for your needs. If you are professionally working with 3D graphics and want to quickly and easily achieve an amazing result, then this is your choice. Easily studied and extremely powerful: Cinema 4D is the ideal package for all 3D artists who want to achieve exciting results quickly and without problems.

Beginners, along with experienced professionals, can take advantage of the wide range of tools and functions of Cinema 4D to quickly achieve stunning results. The legendary reliability of Cinema 4D makes it an excellent application for the demanding and rapidly changing 3D sphere. And the assortment of different packages with attractive prices meets any requirements of artists.

Main features:

• Polygonal modeling
Polygons are bricks of three-dimensional graphics. Docking them, you can create any objects. With the full set of polygon modeling tools in Cinema 4D, it's easy to create anything from machines to living beings.
• Parametric modeling
Parametric modeling will allow you to keep the 3D visualizations flexible until the end. You can change objects in the scenes at any time, as Cinema 4D provides a wide range of parametric modeling options that allow artists to make almost any change if the customer needs it even at the very last moment!
• Sculptural modeling
Model organic surfaces and easily raise the level of detail on any object using a fully integrated sculptural modeling system in Cinema 4D Studio and BodyPaint 3D. Just click on Split to increase the level of detail, turning a conventional frame into a digital clay. Model the frame with intuitive sculptural modeling tools that stretch, smooth, flatten, cut and squeeze the surface. Use advanced symmetry options, stamps, templates and masks to create complex sculptures and details on surfaces.

• Materials and shaders
Cinema 4D provides a flexible and fast material creation system, with parametric shaders for quickly determining the surface of a 3D model. Create exquisite photorealistic materials with multiple reflection layers or unique abstract effects using Cinema 4D material channels and many special parametric shaders.
• Painting
The procedural materials provide a quick result, but the perfection lies in the details and there is no better way to get extremely detailed, to pixel exact textures, than to draw them directly on your 3D model. With the functions of BodyPaint 3D and Projection Man, high-quality textures are just a brush stroke away.

• Overview
Move the scenes to the fourth dimension using MAXON Cinema 4D. To create professional three-dimensional animation has never been easier and intuitive. Almost every parameter of an object, material or tag can be written simply by clicking on the circle next to its name. To facilitate the creation of keys, you can activate the automatic recording of animation of all or certain parameters. The animation panel will allow you to quickly determine keys for a given position in any frame and modify existing keys without leaving the standard layout.
• Personal animation
Cinema 4D provides a wide range of reliable and easy-to-use tools for working on character animation, which will help create living characters and simplify the creation of a character animation. Advanced functions, such as quaternions, Cappuccino for recording cursor movements in these positions, and automatic updates for creating dynamic IK snap-ins, simplify the workflow for character animators as well as for riggers.
• MoGraph
With the MoGraph toolbar, artists have at their disposal a set of powerful tools that make it easy to implement any of their ideas from flying logos to abstract effects. Clone countless objects and create voluminous texts with a few clicks. Add effectors to compose objects, give them motion and much more - without even creating a single keyframe! And all this is fully integrated into Cinema 4D and provides quick and easy operation.
• Simulation
Where a large number of objects or particles interact with each other or are exposed to forces such as wind or gravity, traditional animation techniques quickly reach their limits. Animating these elements separately is a huge task. But simulation will help here. Complex algorithms are used to create animation and interaction elements - and Cinema 4D provides a large set of functions and presets for creating exciting physical simulations and realistic effects.

• Overview
Various options for rendering the image in Cinema 4D allow you to quickly achieve excellent results thanks to their linear process, support for color profiles, multiple processors, HyperThreading and multi-core technology. The built-in rendering engine is a professional tool for creating outstanding images and animations, from ordinary 2D and 3D to stereoscopy.
Multi-pass rendering allows you to quickly calculate color, shadow, reflections and other effects in separate files. Numerous, object-based, Alpha channels make it easy to align the image along layers with other two- and three-dimensional components. With direct export to standard programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Nuke, Shake, Fusion or Motion, your multi-pass layers will be instantly ready for compositing. Cinema 4D supports rendering in 16-bit and 32-bit color depth for images with high dynamic range in formats DPX, HDRI or OpenEXR.
• Lighting
In Cinema 4D, there are a large number of types of light and shadows that can illuminate even the darkest corners of the scene. Incredibly powerful lighting system Cinema 4D provides numerous options for controlling color, brightness, attenuation and other properties, as well as for changing the density and color of the shadow of each light source. Light settings such as contrast, reflection in lenses, visible light, noise and the possibility of using the values ​​of Lumen and Candela will bring your scenes to the highest level of realism.

• Library Browser
Cinema 4D comes bundled with an extensive library of presets. It includes objects, materials and scenes that make it easy to start working on a 3D project. Use these outstanding resources to quickly create concepts without spending a lot of time modeling (or money to buy models), or disassemble entire scenes created by the best Cinema 4D artists to improve your skills. The content of libraries is carefully selected for the requirements of specific fields of activity, with a large selection of components, including models, materials and customizable presets.
• The duplicate system
When shooting a film, several duplicates are recorded, which gives more possibilities in the editing room. The Cinema 4D duplicate system provides the same flexibility, allowing you to store different scenes in one file. You can easily create special render passes for compositing, but the duplicate system allows much more than the usual render layer system. Change and store in a duplicate the value of almost every setting Cinema 4D - attributes of objects and their animation, light sources, cameras, materials, textures, different colors and much more.
• Tracking
Quickly and seamlessly integrate 3D elements into the footage with the help of a tracker in Cinema 4D. Add 3D objects to the real surroundings with the camera tracker, or use the object tracker to replace real objects with 3D creations.

Some innovations:
Cinema 4D R18 puts new powerful tools in the hands of animation designers and will make the workflow of creating VFX affordable for everyone. The creators of the games and professional visualizers will enjoy the new features, and improving the workflow, modeling, animation and shader will help every artist Cinema 4D to reach a new level.
• The Voronoi Rifts
With the new Voronoi Destruction object, you can demolish walls, and systematically break any object into parametric fragments using almost anything to control the distribution of debris. Create an artistic procedural geometry using splines, polygonal objects, or particles. Destruction by Voronoi always happens in a living way, which means that you can change elements at any time. As a native MoGraph object, it works great with dynamics, all effectors and types of attenuation.
• New knives
The Cinema 4D R18 knives are sharpened. The new Cut-Line tool allows you to cut not only one at a time, but simultaneously at multiple objects and immediately correct the result using an interactive preview. Next, you can apply new slits, delete parts or split objects based on the cuts you have made. The new tool Split plane allows you to create new faces using local axes, world or camera axes, or define a plane drawn by a line and fix the location and rotation of the cuts through the input of values ​​or directly in the viewport. The Cut and Cut tool creates, as the name suggests, symmetrical cuts based on cycles or paths, at a proportional or absolute distance to the surrounding faces, and also preserves the curve when creating new faces. All three new tools are available in separate commands, which will make it easier for you to access the desired mode through keyboard shortening or command search.
• Object tracker
With the object tracker, you can integrate what you created in Cinema 4D into the footage. This is MAXON's next step in facilitating the access of all comers to the tools and workflows of VFX. Recontimate the movement of the camera and any number of objects to transfer the video file to the 3D world. Set two-dimensional tracks of the user on the key parts of the object and apply them to the tracker of the object, then reconstruct the object based on the tracks or using a geometric object. You can easily and seamlessly integrate any number of three-dimensional objects into the footage.
• Shaders and surface effects
New shaders and shading options provide advanced visualization capabilities in Cinema 4D R18. Shader Thin film allows you to recreate the iridescent effects of soap bubbles and oil stains, or simply add fingerprints and greasy plaque to any surface. Reverse occlusion of the environment will help create masks for frayed edges or a quick miscalculation of the simulation of subsurface scattering. Shader The Shadow Trapper provides a convenient way to take shadows into account when combining three-dimensional objects with footage.
• It's all about the workflow
Cinema 4D always provided a fast and intuitive workflow, and R18, in turn, provides new tools with a convenient and intuitive interface. Your window into the 3D world has become much more beautiful, thanks to improvements in the viewport, such as SSAO, Tessellation for the offset effect and the preview mode for multilayer reflections.
System requirements:
• OS: Windows 7 SP1 or 8 or 10 (x64 only)
• Processor: Intel or AMD with SSE3 support
• RAM: 4 GB (8 GB or more recommended)
• Graphic card with OpenGL 4.1 support

Year of manufacture: 2017
The platform / OS: Windows®️ 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (only 64-bit)
Language: Multilanguage / Русский / English
Medicine: Included
Size: 7.82 GB
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Maxon Cinema 4d Studio / Visualize / Broadcast / Prime R18.057 Build Rb203954 Retail (multi / Rus / Eng)

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